Suebeet Kim’s mentoring philosophy was inspired by The Venerable Pomnyun’s “Questions and Answers”. Suebeet perceives her mentees’ unique brilliance, she challenges and encourages them to rise above their self-imposed limitations.

In an effort to help mentees make a step change in life, Suebeet has created a method that is both belief and behavior based.

Each individual has different aspirations and faces different challenges. Some mentees require more structure, some seek more guidance, and some simply need more accountability. A key focus of Suebeet’s work is to adopt her approach for each individual.


An accomplished career woman herself, Suebeet previously worked as a marketing and operations director for the fashion industry. She also worked as games manager for the largest entertainment company in Las Vegas. She started teaching various subjects during college years from SAT’s to college preparation, and never stopped teaching and mentoring. She continues to teach the Korean language. Her broad life and professional experience enable her to be cognizant of various challenges her mentees are facing and be able to address them effectively.


Suebeet holds a BA from Northwestern. Her expertise in mentoring was developed by combining her background in Eastern Philosophy with the study of various coaching and mentoring.


Mentoring sessions can be conducted via Skype or phone from anywhere in the world. Suebeet truly cares about her mentees’ success and always provides extra support and follow-up.

Suebeet is originally from Seoul, Korea and provides mentoring both in English and in Korean.



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